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Specialists in Energy Solutions

Our solutions for wind, solar and hybrid energy, combined with solar applications, make us valuable partner for any turnkey solutions in the African Continent


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About Nobila Energy

Our group, specialist in energy solutions, has a know-how in turnkey solutions, efficient, economical and reliable for the African continent. Our solutions, including wind, solar and hybrid energy, combined with solar applications, make us a privileged partner. Our partners from industrial operators, communities and private investors, independent electricity producers (IPP) and electric companies. 

Customized Solutions

We respond to the complex problems of our customers by integrating solutions adapted to each of them

Renewable Energy

We focus on all forms of Renewable Energy for a clean and sustainable future 

Job Creators

API Holding has created 2000 jobs in the West African sub-region since its creation

We Know Africa

We have deep roots in the African Subcontinent and are specialists in providing turnkey solutions

API Holding Group

NOBILA ENERGY is a subsidiary of the API Holding group represented by its President and CEO, Mr. Salif OUEDRAOGO. The API Holding group is in several fields of activity which are hydrocarbons, energies, the construction industry, civil engineering, agrifood, agriculture, hotel Best Western and APS Petroleum.

APS Petroleum

APS Petroleum has obtained authorization from the Beninese government to import and distribute petroleum products throughout the country. Under the name of APS Benin, she is also the exclusive representative of PetroChina International in several countries, notably Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Togo.

APS Construction

APS Construction is specialized in the construction of road infrastructure. It obtained several contracts in Benin, in particular the construction of the N’Dali / Nikki / Chicandou road (border of Nigeria) over 77 km. It was also funded from BOAD (West African Development Bank) in the amount of 17 billion FCFA and China Railway.

APS Phyto

APS Phyto, a company specializing in agricultural inputs, is one of the main suppliers to the National Society for Agricultural Promotion (SONAPRA) in Benin. It responds to public markets, both in Benin and in the sub-region.

TOGO representative for Nestlé

Salif OUEDRAOGO is the exclusive TOGO representative for Nestlé through his company Lesaut Togo.